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Carte Bicycle Denim by Collectable Playing Cards Denim is one of the most durable, indestructible pieces of clothing ever created. It is for the blue collared workers that don't mind getting down and dirty. Now introducing one of the most rough and tumbled decks on the market today, The Bicycle Denim Deck by Collectable Playing Cards. Every aspect of the deck comes down to the precise detail of a pair of blue jeans, It is simply perfect. The tuck case is a freshly ironed denim backdrop with a leather Bicycle patch which brings to mind the iconic Levis patch. The leather patchwork is also featured down both the sides and top of the deck. Printed by USPCC Bicycle Branded Air-Cushion Finish Custom seal Standard Bicycle Rider Back with faded markings against pure denim.

Nr. indici  : 2 Standard Index 
Materiale :
air cushion finish
Misura     : 88x63 mm.

Nota : questo articolo consiste in 1 mazzo di carte.

€14,90 1149 10/01/2017

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